My 3-month-old baby is wailing to the top of his lungs. His brother,2, is tearing apart the new toilet tissue roll. And I am attempting to take a hot shower after my “grueling” morning workout. The boys have to be in the bathroom with me so that I can keep an eye on them. But let’s face it, there’s only so much I can do. My toddler still finds a way to make mischief in such small spaces.
Now I look out from the shower curtain to a cottony soft bathroom floor, thanks to the Charmin shreds being strewn about. And to top it all off, I’ve got a red-faced baby giving me his best Patti Labelle run.

This is my life lately. I find myself running from one thing to the next; always in a hurry. Never slowing down to smell the coffee. Most days I gulp it down as my esophagus burns furiously💁☕.

Rushing around has proven not to be my friend. It causes me anxiety. It brings stress, tiredness, hunger and the big daddy of em all…ANGER. When I’m like this, I totally lose focus on what really matters.

The Bible emphatically declares that we should not worry, but instead pray Phil 4:6. But can I tell you, that amid my every day, sometimes I forget this truth. I even forget that I have God’s Holy Spirit ready, willing, and able to help me, John 14:26.

Raising a family is a nonstop job. And I’d like to think that God saw something special in me when he gave me the gifts of a loving husband along with healthy, smart, handsome boys. But even that warming thought doesn’t always save me from the agony of anxiety when the pressures of life start to rock my nerves. So what’s a gal to do? Give up? Throw in the towel? Why no, of course not!
In this world we are going to have trouble John 16:33 but Jesus declares that even so, we can have peace because He’s overcome this world and all its problems. So I’ve just decided to believe that all of this has got to work out for my good Romans 8:28. I’m going to stick these tough times out so I can see the rewards on the other side.

Today’s song “Symphony” by the artist Switch speaks volumes to this very message. The chorus (which is my favorite) sings like this “Even in the madness, there is peace, drowning out the voices all around me, through all of the chaos, you are writing a symphony.”
Can you see the beautiful symphony He’s writing in your life? If not keep living and believing, you’ll soon see the big picture, the whole puzzle, the masterpiece of God’s creative hand at work in you!

‘Symphony’ by Switch

Symphony SONG LYRICS by Cassidy Estevez, Luke Guevara, Dameon Aranda, Rob Estevez, Louis Biancaniello, and Michael Biancaniello

V1: Sometimes it’s hard to breathe

All these thoughts that shout at me

Try to bring me to my knees

And it’s overwhelming

Darkness echoes all around

Feels like everything is crashing down

Still I know where my hope is found

And it’s only You

Pre: Oooooooh You say You’re working Everything for my good,

and Oooooooh I believe every word

Ch: ‘Cause even in the madness There is peace Drowning out the voices all around me Through all of this chaos You are writing a symphony A symphony

And even in the madness There is peace Drowning out the voices all around me Through all of this chaos You are writing a symphony A symphony

V2: Tune my heart to your beat

Let me be your melody

Even when I cannot see

What you’re orchestrating

Even when the dark surrounds

You’ll never let me drown

I know that my hope is found

In the name of Jesus

*Tees Music does not own the rights to this music*

Im not perfect, just trying to live my life for Jesus one day at a time!

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